Joy, a mixed media canvas by Suzanne Earley

Thursdays here at StudioSS are going to be a little bit of everything — some weeks it might be a list of links we’ve been collecting or it might be an essay about a Big Art Topic or maybe just something beautiful we saw recently and wanted to share.

It’s been a rough week, so I thought I’d start off simple and just share some of the things that are bringing me joy lately — JOY is my word of the year and I’m doing my best to seek joy each day. Sometimes it’s a minute by minute choice of trying to choose joy. Joy to me doesn’t mean just simple happiness: it’s something deeper. It’s choosing to be true to myself and make things that I love, rather than what I think other people will find “appropriate.” That’s why I’ve been embracing my love of Disney lately. And rainbows. Wearing colorful headbands with big knotty bows on them.

Here’s my (incomplete) list for today:

***Rainbows: I’m getting ready to do a rainbow themed 100 Day Project (starting January 29, 2021). I don’t know exactly what each day will look like, but my Instagram feed should be colorful for the next 100 days.

I’ll be posting on Instagram, if you click the picture, it’ll take you to the collection of my rainbow joy posts!

***I’m finding joy in Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem, The Hill We Climb. It’s not enough to just read the poem to yourself, you need to listen to her and WATCH her as she reads it:

***Learning about Yayoi Kusama and her artwork. (I mean, how can you NOT feel joyful looking at all of those dots!).

***Learning about Georgia O’Keeffe and her flowers. I was doing a mini artist study of her and I wasn’t even sure where to start. For one of of the paintings I did, I decided to look at YouTube art videos (that are meant for kids!) and it was a lot of fun. The art teacher made her sketch using Mr. Sketch Scented Markers and I’ll admit: I was jealous and seriously thought about acquiring some scented markers.

***Sharing my art with two of my nieces. They are my most adoring audience and sometimes you just need that.

***And lastly, for tonight, because it’s past my bedtime: my cats.

What has brought you joy lately?

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