Feathruary 2021

Join us for a month of bird art!

For Feathruary 2021, we (Suzanne, Michell, Shae, and Missy) have put together a list of birds, some specific breeds that are close to our hearts, and some general bird families, to encourage us to paint, draw, scribble, collage, etc. each day during February. We’d love for you to join in as much or as little as you’d like to.

We’ve also come up with a list of mediums and techniques that we’ll be exploring throughout the month. We are all mixed-media artists who love to try new art materials and will be referring to this list as a way to bust out that art supply stash and push ourselves out of our comfort zones. 

This challenge is for all levels. We know drawing birds is challenging. This is a great opportunity to hone your skills, develop new skills, break out of your rut, or just…wing it! You can focus on only the feathers, the eyes, or even use the bird’s color palette to inspire something abstract. The sky’s the limit (and yes, there will be puns).

We hope you’ll join us next month. If you do, be sure to use the #feathruary2021 hashtag and if it’s not too much of a birden (we warned you) tag us so we can share your posts in our stories.

Will you be joining the flock? You won’t egret it!


Be sure to save these lists to your device or bookmark this page so you can come back and find out what each day’s bird is!


We’ve put together a (not at all comprehensive list) of links of artists to be inspired by or learn from.

Links to instagram artists, websites, and a list of our favorite bird art books.


Do I have to be able to draw realistic birds?

Absolutely, 100%, not! Make a cartoon. Make it sketchy. Don’t want to draw a whole bird? Draw a feather. Or a beak. Or a wing. Or an eye. You don’t even have to draw a bird. You can be inspired by the color palette of the day’s bird. You can collage. You can practice your hand lettering and just do the name of the bird. Make the project your own, there’s no hard and fast rules!

Do I have to use the technique/media prompt list?

Nope. We’ve just created the list for you to remind you of all of the myriad techniques you have in your toolbox. You could try to do every bird differently or maybe pick a technique to work on over the course of a week. Or do the same thing all month long.

Do I have to……..?

No matter what the question, the answer to anything that starts “do I have to” is NO. You can do this project however you want! Follow your flights of imagination — if you fall in love with a particular penguin that you’ve created and want to just paint pictures of penguins for the rest of the month, then let’s see those penguins. We’re hoping to create a huge flock of amazing bird inspiration and have put together a list for those of you that want a list, but we’d also love to encourage you to follow those sparks of creativity wherever they lead, even if it has nothing to do with the prompt list we set up.

What hashtags should I use?

Here’s the list we’re going to use. Of course, you are welcome to add any of your favorites!


Meet the Flock

Click the picture to learn about your hosts, Suzanne, Michell, Shae, and Missy!

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