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Suzanne Earley

By day, Suzanne is a multi-tasking wizard (aka a school secretary), but at night, she is a mixed media artist who has a strong need to create, no matter what the medium. Her professional background includes a computer science degree, computer networking experience, professional machine quilting, and a short stint as a retail quilt/yarn store owner. When she isn’t playing with paint and paper, she’s quilting, knitting, or reading a book. She lives in her empty nest in Eastern Iowa with her husband (their twin sons are students at Iowa State) and is owned by two cats (Hobbes and Sally). 

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Michell Follett

Hello! I’m Michell Follett, a nature nerd, art enthusiast, and lifelong learner. I’ve worked in the renewable energy industry for twenty years managing large-scale solar installation projects. I took a break from my day job ten years ago to obtain a BA in Ceramics and BFA in Sculpture with minors in Art History and Gallery Management. My evenings and weekends are spent drawing, painting, relief printmaking, art journaling, and nature journaling. My dog Lucy insists I join her hiking our regional trails at least once a week, my cat Sal demands playing hide-and-go-seek twice daily, and in the evening, I get to relax with my husband listening to music, reading, and watching movies. 

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Shae Freeman

Shae is a formally trained metal sculptor turned mixed media artist with a penchant for collage, amassing ephemera, and art journaling. As a devoted student of everything, she has studied anything that has piqued her interest, following three major threads in her life: art, the natural world, and spirituality. She is a Reiki master teacher, medical astrologer, and certified herbalist. She has a no-stone-left-unturned approach to learning and is constantly working toward a synthesis of art and healing. When she’s not learning a new skill, you can find her motorcycling or birding (or both) with her husband in and around the New Orleans area.

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Missy Maxwell

Hi! My name is Missy Maxwell. I’m an illustrator, printmaker and mixed media artist. I live in beautiful Olympia, Washington. I grew up in Utah, but after completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Art & Photography at The Evergreen State College, it just felt right to stay. 

My Mom always told me I have an inherent need to create. As young as 2-years-old, I was trusted to use my Papa’s huge set of art school markers. I’ve been at it ever since. I make art almost every day. I love collecting new art supplies and learning new techniques. Repetition and pattern are appealing to me as well as finding the perfect color scheme. I’m inspired by 60’s and 70’s motifs, Pacific Northwest scenery and my dreams. 

Previous jobs have included: freelance scrapbooking, Art Camp Counselor and Pizza Delivery Driver. 

Last Summer, I raised over $4000 for Black Lives Matter selling hand-printed and hand-painted ENOUGH posters. I have my artwork on a traffic box in downtown Olympia. I have had art shown at the University Of Utah, Art Access Gallery in Salt Lake City, and at The Evergreen State College. I have been published in The Salal Review, an art/literary magazine put out by Lower Columbia College. 

I currently write a weekly Arts/Crafts blog for PBS Kids Utah, illustrate for Carhop (a Maine-based food and alcohol delivery service) and Bartend at my neighborhood beer bar. 

When I’m not creating, I like to visit new breweries with my husband Nic, hoard house plants, birdwatch and give chin scratches to my tiny Siamese kitty, Lolita.

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