Introduction – Studio SS and Make Your Own MFA

What are we up to now?

If you follow either (or both) of us on Instagram, you know that we are always finding new things to do and try. And you are probably wondering, what on earth are Suzanne and Shae up to NOW?!?

The thing you have to know is that we are both lifelong learners and are curious about learning about everything. (Seriously, I took one of those quizzes that tell you what your values and character traits are and curiosity was way at the top. I assume Shae is the same…)

And yes, it might seem like we have short attention spans. I like to think it all cycles around in my brain and everything eventually bubbles back up.


A few months ago, I asked Shae if she wanted to take an online class with me. We chose Scribblepedia, taught by Rae Missigman and we both had a lot of inky fun. And then life happened, so we haven’t exactly FINISHED the class yet….

However, the interesting thing about the class and some other things I stumbled upon in November is that it felt like I was breaking through to a new place in my artwork and it renewed an idea that I’ve had tumbling around in my head for awhile.

I have been interested in “going back to school” — but I have no interest in spending $50K for art school, for a number of reasons, not least of which is….$50K, YIKES. But also, I’m not sure that traditional art school is the actual place for what I want to accomplish.

Suzanne’s Big Idea

What if…I made up my own art school? Made my own MFA? Sought out the resources that I needed to meet my own personal and professional goals, and do it as inexpensively as I could. There are certainly many resources available online, it was just going to be a matter of piecing them together.

I decided to share this Big Idea with Shae and she didn’t laugh at me. In fact, she asked if she could join me.

Studio SS

The next thing we knew, we had given ourselves a shared name, started a website, and are working on figuring out how to make this happen.

Some day we’ll share all of the details of where our name came from. There’s more than just smashing our initials together in that story! For now, we’ll leave you to wonder!

One thing we knew was that we wanted to share what we were doing, even if our only audience was our family members. But we hope that we’ll find some other artists along the way that are interested in the resources we are finding and the things we are learning. We’re viewing our shared studio website as our long term thesis project — a way to document our experience and progress.

Our plans

We are both interested not only in making art, but moving in to selling art and teaching. Our backgrounds are varied and we both have lots of Opinions that we aren’t afraid to share.

We’re planning to fill up our site with lots of links to the art history, business, and art classes we are working on. We want to have conversations about critique and do artist studies and make lots and lots of art.

We haven’t even really started to brainstorm all of the things we might do together as artist, teachers, and lifelong learners.

For now, you can read our biographies or check out our Instagram feeds (Suzanne, Shae) or sign up for our email newsletter and we’ll keep you posted (no more than once a week, we know your inbox is already stuffed) with what we’re up to.

Thanks for checking us out and stay tuned for lots more to come in 2021.